We know how important it is for you to know you are sending your camper to a safe and healthy environment, and we have taken big steps to ensure camp is such an environment.

  • All campers and staff must pass a health screening upon arrival at camp which includes a temperature check. They will do this every day while they are at camp.
  • All campers and staff wash their hands or sanitize them first thing upon arriving at camp.
  • All Staff are required to wear facemasks at all times, outside of eating and sleeping.
  • Campers will go straight to their group or ‘pod’. This pod will not interact with any other pod throughout the week
  • Counselors will also not interact closely with campers from pods outside their own; — for now a wave and a smile will have to do, until we can all be together again.
  • Each pod will have their own eating location; — rather than everyone eating in the dining hall, each pod will be eating in separate locations, like the dining hall, recreation hall, conference room, etc.
  • Group numbers are limited, in order to keep potential exposure down.
  • Overall camp numbers are limited to ensure no overlap between pods.
  • All pods have their own equipment and if any equipment is shared, it is sanitized between uses; — we even built a disinfectant trough and drying stand for our canoe paddles.
  • During times that staff are together, they hold the same precautions in place, still wearing masks and practice social distancing.
  • There are more changes than these, as we have overhauled much of the schedule to ensure a safe and healthy camp experience for all, while still providing the fun, exciting, and memorable camp experience that is expected at Rotary Camp!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 330-644-4512 or e-mail Tina, our Program Director, at tinag@akronymca.org. We can’t wait to see you at camp!