Akron Rotary Camp is able to do some amazing things because of all of the support by the generous donations, whether they be someone's time, resources, or a monetary donation. Every donation allows us to do more to live out our mission of, "Creating A World Where There Are Only Abilities!" 

Pave the Way for the next 100 Years!

Add to your special memories of Akron Rotary Camp by purchasing one or more inscribed paver for a lasting remembrance of your commitment to Camp. Your generosity will be used towards sending kids to camp. Thank you for helping us succeed in our mission of Creating a world where there are only abilities!


Meet Jesse

Jesse has been attending Rotary Camp since 2019. It has fulfilled two major functions for our family. One, it’s given him a community where he belongs. He gets to be with other kids and have lots of fun. Secondly,  it provides his mom and I a few days of respite, where we can recharge our batteries. 

When Jesse is at Camp, we feel happy, we feel relief and we feel very blessed. When you have a child with special needs, you don’t know if the child will be received or wanted by a typical community who feels comfortable with him. Having this environment at Rotary Camp has been a blessing. We know that Jesse is wanted and loved. We also know he is in safe hands at Camp because the staff are amazing. We’ve watched them interact with him, and his safety is their priority. They always address my concerns immediately.   

Jesse has learned many things while at Camp, more importantly how to listen and follow directions. It also reinforced his social skills and taught him to better interact with others at school. He has learned how to have a great time, be a good friend and how to be appropriate. The overnight camps and respite weekends provides him an opportunity to be away from Mom and Dad to help increase his self-esteem and independence. Rotary Camp is helping him to be prepared for life.