Dan Reynolds

District Executive Director 
Akron Rotary Camp and Camp Y-Noah ∙ (330) 926-4952

I've been the director of the Akron Rotary Camp since 2000 and it continues to be the most rewarding experience of my life. The best part of working at the YMCA, is knowing that I'm making a difference in peoples' lives.


Mella Castner

Director of Development ∙ (330) 644-4512 x 3206

I have always had a passion for children and adults with special needs. My service-oriented attitude is directly tied to my parents, both of whom were deaf. They became highly active in their community and organizations, raising money and awareness as needed. Watching them give back to the community had a large influence on me and helped to direct my career path.



Rotary Staff-Ben

Ben Fink

Program Director (330) 644-4512 x 3202

My first introduction to Rotary Camp was as a Summer Camp Counselor during the summers of 2017-2019. It's great to be back in this role and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the families. 



Dawn Housley

Business Manager ∙ (330) 644-4512 x 3203

I became a Rotary Camp family in the summer of 2004 and quickly became involved in all the programs.


Amanda Warner

Director of Volunteer Opportunities and Special Events ∙ (330) 644-4512 x 3205

My camp story started in 2002 when I arrived at as an International Camp Counselor. I returned for a second summer, and realized that working at camp was one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever done, and still is. Seeing the campers' smiles, hearing their laughs, and sharing their greatest moments assures me that we are making a difference and providing great experiences!

Rotary Camp Nurse Jess

Jessica Selden

Director of Healthcare ∙ (330) 644-4512 x 3207

Hello! I've lived in the Portage Lakes area almost all my life and I'm an avid camper and boater! In addition, I love being a nurse and helping others. I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to combine two of my passions and I'm very excited to be a part of the Rotary Camp family!




Hamilton Amer Getta Kutuchief
Brooks Ames Bill Manby, Jr.
Rennick Andreoli Sandy Naragon
Tim DelMedico Pat O'Neill
Michael Gallucci William Post
Nick George Susan Savage
Amador Gonzalez Joe Swiatkowski
Frank Griffiths Sherry Valentine
Jeff Grosenbaugh Mike Wojno
Oscar Hunsicker Virginia Wojno
Pamela Kiltau