Congratulations to Brooks Ames, Akron Area YMCA's Hunsicker Family Service to Youth Award Recipient

Brooks Ames

Brooks, a full-time realtor and auctioneer at Kiko since 1996, has been an active volunteer for the Akron Area YMCA for over 15 years. He is the preferred benefit auctioneer for nonprofits in Northeast Ohio and has been instrumental in achieving our fundraising goals at many events. Brooks donates his time, talent, and treasure to support and advance our cause. His wife, Janey, is always at our events too. She tracks the dollars raised during the oral auctions and has been known to help drive up the bids.  

Brooks is very connected in the greater Akron community. He has helped create awareness and support of the Akron Rotary Camp, that our Y manages and staffs. He helped us secure contractors for painting and dock replacement too. His guidance on the types of auction items that raise significant dollars, coupled with his knowledge of key contributors to invite, has been invaluable. He has an amazing ability to create high energy and excitement during the auction, which always leads to friendly competition amongst the bidders.   

Thank you Brooks, for all you do for the Akron Area YMCA, Rotary Camp and the Akron community!