As the most popular area in camp, the waterfront offers a variety of activities like swimming, canoeing, kayaking, boating, fishing, the exciting new water trampoline and an expanded beach area. Lifeguards, certified through the Y of the USA, supervise all Waterfront activities.


Campers are introduced to a variety of art media in order to enhance their creativity. The Craft Coordinator supervises and creates age-appropriate projects and materials to adapt to different skill levels. Activities may include ceramics, windsocks, puppet making, dough sculptures, paintwork and much more.

Our campers’ favorite sports and games activities are marshmallow baseball, ships and islands, nuke-em and everybody's it. Traditional sports like soccer and basketball are also very popular and teach principles of teamwork. We aim for 100% camper participation in the activities according to their abilities.


During nature activities, campers' not only have fun, they also learn ways to become more environmentally responsible. Through gardening and nature hikes, they become more aware and appreciative of their natural surroundings. The Akron Rotary Camp also has a living reptile and amphibian program.  This program is a living sensory opportunity for our campers.  Campers can feel, look, and learn about caring for others.


Cooking programs are fun and provide campers with new opportunities to try food.  These hands on snacks and creations are typically geared towards healthy snacks that the campers can make at home.


Our Rex Lake location has a sensory rooms where campers can spend time choosing their preferred sensory stimulation.  In small groups campers enjoy different lights, sounds, aromas, and textures.  Through these sensory experiences, campers demonstrate more self control and can enjoy further the other activities that Akron Rotary Camp offers.


Could you imagine camp with out songs?  Music is a core piece of many of the activities throughout the day.  Whether it’s a grace at a meal, between activities, and especially during campfires campers enjoy many songs.  During specific music programs campers have the opportunity to work with rhythm instruments and create their own pieces of art.  Dance is another program that campers enjoy tremendously.  Line dancing and creative movements give campers the opportunity to stretch, exercise, and develop a passion for new recreational activities.

The Bud Rogers Adventure Park

The Bud Rogers Adventure Park features six high elements, three ground elements and a dual zip line on the shores of Rex Lake. The Park is unique as every element is completely accessible regardless of any camper’s mobility. Through these elements campers have the ability to learn independence, demonstrate group work and teambuilding skills, and fly free.